The design created by architect Alexandre Chemetoff (Grand Prix National EcoQuartier, 2011, for the cities of Nancy and Saint-Etienne), has turned Place Napoléon into a real open-air living room in the town centre

Ornamental pools, trees and other plants, restaurants and bandstands coexist in harmony with a strange menagerie unique in France...

"Les Animaux de la Place" (mentioned in the Michelin guide). Napoleon took dozens of scholars with him and the story goes that they carefully conserved the mechanical menagerie which had been used to study the local fauna in Egypt. According to the legend, the animals brought back from the expedition to Egypt disappeared - and were rediscovered when the Place Napoléon was being renovated. Now they have taken up permanent abode there: a crocodile, an ibis, a hippopotamus, a dromedary and pink flamingoes are among many beasts which now inhabit the square.

In a very special experience which you can enjoy in La Roche-sur-Yon, Les Animaux de la Place, peacefully installed in their ornamental pools, are just waiting for you to wake them! Come and take the controls to bring them to life!